Key Growth Statistics

Management believes that Boston Pizza is well positioned to attract guests, achieve positive same restaurant sales over the long term and continue to strengthen its position as the number one casual dining brand in Canada.  In addition, management continues to believe that Boston Pizza remains well positioned for long term future expansion. 

Same Restaurant Sales (SRS):

The primary driver for yield growth of the Fund is SRS.

In 2020, SRS was: -29.5%

Restaurant Growth:

Restaurant openings in 2020 - 2

Restaurant closures in 2020 - 11

Annual Gross Sales Per Location

Annual gross sales per location is the cumulative effect of SRS. As annual gross sales per location increases so does the financial strength of Boston Pizza Franchisees.

System Growth:

System wide sales 2020 - $773.5 Million

Franchise sales 2020 - $615.1 Million